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How We're Simplifying Security

Now you can build secure apps without being a security expert! See how.

With Appknox your mobile app goes through three detailed security assessments all through one simple dashboard

Static Application Security Testing
Fully Automated | Basic Configuration Issues
A fully automated scan designed to analyze application binaries for issues in code and design configurations that can lead to security vulnerabilities.
Mobile application security
Mobile application security
Dynamic Application Security Testing
Cloud Hosted Device | Realtime Testing
Your team interacts with your application installed on our cloud hosted devices while we diagnose leakages using proprietary data flow algorithms for an automated real-time testing.
User Behavioural Analaysis
Manual Assessment | Industry Renowned Ethical Hackers for You!
Nothing can outdo human creativity, and so we deploy our industry renowned ethical hackers to perform a deeper manual assessment to catch the hidden bugs and to ensure you and your business are secured from hacks.
Mobile application security

Why Appknox?

Mobile application security
Always By Your Side
A reliable team within your team
Appknox boasts of an arsenal of the industry’s leading security researchers who ensure you have peace of mind with a state of the art security solution that uses a system plus human approach to ensure total security.
Mobile application security
Reporting Dashboard
Know what is happening to your app
Our dashboard makes it simple for you and your team to monitor and control your security process; get notified about all events and get real-time status updates for the scans in progress.
Mobile application security
Stay a Champ
Higher ROI To Your Business
Increase your team’s productivity using our 360 degree mobile security solution with faster on boarding, easy switch on and switch off business model, ensuring faster releases for your mobile apps without compromising on security.

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